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A majority of open-plan offices around the world are taking to phone booths to create a private space to make calls. These office phone booths or office pods are free-standing cubicles that allow the user to make phone calls or hold smaller video conferences at work. These booths are not only comfortable but also invite employees to make calls without stepping outside the workspace or disturbing others around them. Radius Office Furniture offers you various types of acoustic booths like hooded, open, or enclosed to adjust to the level of privacy your organization needs. Designed to offer quiet, our pods give you the ability to control the environment. These pods are packed with the latest technological goodness so you have everything you need at your fingertips. With built-in power outlets, automated LED lighting with a motion detector, good ventilation via the options of air conditioning or silent fans, and soundproofing material on the inside and outside, these booths are quick to install and move.  Most of the doors of the booths are glass so it enables the user to look outside but speak in silence. We provide you with various configurations of booths. Whether they are wall-mounted or free-standing, we stock them all. These soundproof phone booths for the office are space-saving, elegant, and easily movable. Different colors and finishes enable you to use colors that will suit the atmosphere of your office. Additionally, you can even customize colors to match the color of your logo. The pods also feature an ergonomic stool and a foldable ledge cum laptop table for your convenience. Take a look at our wide range of Acoustic Phone booths below. On the off chance that you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to assist you.~!In an era where open-plan offices dominate, separate spaces to make calls or catch up on some private work are the need of the hour. Acoustic booths are designed to provide a sound-proof space in a matter of seconds when you need some quiet time for private work. Manufactured by some of the leading names in the industry of acoustic furniture like Framery, MuteDesign, Spacestor, BuzziSpace, Noti, and more, these phone pods feature an array of technological advancements. The motion-activated lighting and airflow ensure a comfortable experience for the user. With the highly acoustic properties offered by the sound-proofing materials inside and outside, you can be sure conversations and phone calls will stay completely private. The front and back of the pods are made of impact-resistant, sound control laminated glass that creates a seamless look.  Each booth comes with power outlets and a built-in work area to stay focused on your work. We also offer you wall-mounted booths in various colors and configurations. These acoustic cocoons can be used in open-plan offices, libraries, airports, and any other space that requires a silent space to make phone calls. We understand that one size definitely does not fit all and hence offer you phone booths in different sizes and configurations so that they meet your requirements perfectly. Our pods are available in numerous colors and finishes so that they look aesthetically pleasing in your office.  A range of our office booth furniture is offered with a warranty, therefore its functionality and quality are guaranteed during that period. The products on offer have been put through rigorous testing to ensure you receive products of the highest standards. We offer delivery and installation across North America, including the United States and Canada. We deliver to all 52 states - including New York, Massachusetts also Southern states such as Texas and Florida. Central states like Michigan, Illinois, and lastly Western states like California and Washington.

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