Acoustic Panels

Noise pollution can sometimes be a problem in many offices, especially open plan designed workspaces which has been adopted by many of today’s modern businesses. Acoustic soundproofing panels are an effective solution to help reduce noise reverberations in places where you wish to keep noise levels to a minimum such as open offices, conference rooms, canteens and breakout areas. The acoustic panels can also be used in public places such as gyms, schools, auditoriums, hospitals and more! We source our range of affordable acoustic panels from some of the industries leading suppliers including Fluffo, Hush and Gaber. For an environmentally friendly solution, choose from our range of Soundtect Eco-panels. These acoustic foam panels are created with up to 70% recycled polyester fibre whilst still offering fantastic sound absorbing functionality.

We have a diverse selection of different designs in our catalogue. Choose from acoustic wall, ceiling and hanging panels offered in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. The noise reducing foam panels are offered in beautiful vibrant colours including popular green, yellow, blue, grey and white acoustic panels to best suit your office décor. The acoustic solutions for sale feature a highly innovative design which boasts highly absorbent noise properties as well as being fire resistant made with flexible, dense polyurethane foam. A selection of the hanging panels can be fitted with stylish spotlights which offer extra functionality. Our range of acoustic solutions has all been tested thoroughly to ensure its quality and functionality meets the highest level of standards required for home and office use.