Acoustic Screens

A noisy office can be very distracting it can lead to a lack of concentration and sometimes even stress for employees. The problem of noise pollution is especially common in open-plan offices which is an increasingly popular office design. The acoustic screens act as a barrier by helping to prevent noise from passing through from one area to another. Acoustic noise reducing solutions such as freestanding acoustic panels and acoustic desk screens feature highly absorbent noise reducing properties. For another alternative, we also offer hanging acoustic screens.

Our online catalogue offers a variety of acoustic screen designs. A wide range of our range of freestanding acoustic panels and desk screens are rated A-grade in office acoustics which are available in a large selection of shapes, sizes and colours. We source our acoustic solutions from some of the leading suppliers in the industry including Soundtect, HUSH, Fluffo and more to ensure you are getting the best quality office acoustic solutions.