Modular Seating

Modular seating has increasingly become a popular choice when it comes to office furniture but what is modular seating and what benefits can it bring to your workspace? Modular furniture is comprised of different components that can be used individually or combined together to create a bigger unit. The design allows for a more cohesive and flexible workspace. It brings plenty of benefits to designing an office. Modular furniture allows for customisation, meaning you can arrange the units to best suit your space.

We have a large selection of modular seating units, which are designed with practicality, durability and style in mind, perfect for reception areas and breakout areas. Choose from modular sofas with deep cushions seats, available in many fabric and leather finishes. Some seating units are offered with a high-back or low back design to best suit your preference. Our online store also offers modular bench seating units, perfect for waiting room areas that need to accommodate for a numerous number of people at a time. Many of the modular seating units present is offered with a warranty policy. This guarantees the furniture’s durability and functionality during the stated time period. All the furniture in this collection has been thoroughly tested to ensure it is fit for both home and office use.