Utmost productivity is the need of the hour and with this, comes the pressing need for a mix of workspaces for the employees. To choose between an open-plan office and individual spaces can be tough. Most companies go through a series of changes in their lifecycle and it is important that their spaces accommodate those changes quickly without having to spend a fortune.

Zoning is one such technique that allows you to visually create partitions in your open-space with the help of space or zone dividers without building actual walls. It is a one-stop option for offices that need privacy, good acoustics and style. These zone dividers are fully customizable and provide you with the flexibility to build an option that complements your office aesthetic.

Zoning consists of a grid system which can be made to suit your office area by adding various accessories like shelves, plants, lights, blackboards, acoustic panels and lockers on the basic building module, which can then be repeated and personalized. Modern workplace furniture specialists like Spacestor offer a plethora of options to create zones in your office with choices of size, material, accessories and finishes to create a fully functional and elegant and minimalistic space separator.