Fast Food Seating

Radius Office Furniture is one of the leading suppliers of restaurant furniture to the corporate and hospitality sectors. Our host of fast food seating units are an affordable and durable solution to optimising your canteen area. This seating is ideal for schools, colleges, restaurants, cafes, staff rooms and any commercial setting with a dining area to keep employees, students and customers happy and well rested during their break time. This range is available in metal, cushion, polypropylene and wooden finishes. You can also choose the number of seats as we have options ranging from 2 to 6 seats. This seating arrangement is sure to increase engagement among the occupants, encouraging a sense of community. Floor fixed canteen seats are able to withstand wear and pressure and are also the perfect options for areas like manufacturing units and factories which requires a canteen area for a large number of employees. They also are popular among schools to withstand the bustle as the seating is fixed and there is no risk of the chairs being misplaced. These fast food tables and chairs are easy to clean. They just need a quick wipe and it is ready for the next batch of people to use. In addition, it is also easier to clean the surroundings below the seating as it does not require you to move individual units. This type of furniture maximises your dining space, especially if you have a small area to work with, and also is comfortable. With a great range to choose from, we have fast food restaurant seating to match every taste, size and budget. It is manufactured keeping the utmost quality in mind hence assuring you complete value for your money. Feel free to browse through our extensive online catalogue and do not hesitate to contact us if you need information about orders.