Green Office Screens

Preserved plants are plants and flowers that have been 100% preserved by using natural techniques. The preservation liquid replaces the sap and water of the plant species used. This method preserves the plants freshness, keeping its natural beauty with no maintenance required. It has been proven by many scientific studies that having more greenery around the workplace has positive effects on employees. The effects of nature help reduce stress, increase productivity and offer a stylish and environmentally friendly look to your workspace. Bring nature into the office with our range of screens made out of 100% plant-based materials. The revolutionary and highly innovative designs are increasingly becoming a popular choice by many well-known businesses around the world when it comes to acoustic solutions for the office.

Our range of acoustic solutions using plants are naturally preserved using 100% plant-based and biodegradable preservation formula, still giving you a 100% natural product whilst offering less hassle compared to living wall systems. The sound absorption performance of a variety of products in the catalogue have been tested in a laboratory in which the researchers provided detailed reports of the undeniable sound-reducing qualities of natural moss. Choose from different design including desk screens, freestanding screens, hanging panels and wall panels all made with plants. The preserved plant fillings available are lichen, ball moss, provence moss and forest moss. The screens are offered in a variety of different sizes, customisable designs and colours to best suit your office interior.

All of the different moss types used are individually hand-picked with the utmost care and respect for the environment and are harvested at their optimum point of beauty and maturity to ensure the highest quality standards and form. We source our acoustic plant-based solutions from some of Europe’s leading suppliers who are well known for their innovative designs. The company’s focus on producing 100% naturally preserved plant products suitable for home and corporate use.