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As open office space designs become increasingly popular, it is important for a business to create an area of solitude. Although open plan offices bring various advantages such as increased work collaboration and communication amongst employees, it also increases the level of noise pollution in the workplace. It has been proven that noise pollution can cause distraction and reduce productivity levels amongst employees. A perfect solution to help combat this is to provide an area of quietness in the office by the means of meeting room pods. These breakout pods are a great way to create a cost-effective quiet space in the office.

We have a substantial range of office meeting pods to accommodate your needs. The acoustic pods offer a variety of uses highly suitable for breakout areas, meeting rooms, canteen areas or anywhere you may wish to create a quiet space. Our office pod furniture are available in an array of different shapes, sizes and colours. The breakout pods can be customised with an extensive choice of fabrics, vinyl’s and leathers to best complement your office design. We have a range of single seater meeting pod, to 3-6 seaters or large capacity seating for bigger groups. A range of pod shapes are offered including rectangular, semi-circle to booth & den styled pods.

Furthermore, a variety of our pod seating offers a modular design, meaning it can be configured specifically to your preference and can provide endless layout possibilities with various straight and angle modules. Our acoustic office pods feature an innovative noise-cancelling design and are offered with highly comfortable deep foam materials to provide only the best relaxing experience. A range of our office pod furniture is offered with a warranty, meaning its functionality and quality is guaranteed during that period of time. The products on offer have been put through rigorous testing to ensure only the highest standards for you.