Stools are a great alternative to office chairs in many circumstances, especially if you suffer from back problems. Recent studies have also proved that sitting at a desk all day in your office chair can cause serious negative long-term effects. It is extremely important to move around whenever you can and stools are just the answer to that! Radius Office Furniture offers a wide range of stools, not only for your office but for your canteen also. Choose between low back and high back canteen stools as well as kneeling and self-balancing stools which are ergonomically beneficial. Ergonomic sitting has largely been implemented by plenty of offices because of the many benefits it brings. By choosing to invest in ergonomic stools, you can prevent back and neck pain, encourage core muscle maintenance and promote good posture. This is not only beneficial to your health, but it will result in a happier and more productive work team. Our office stools are sourced from some of Europe’s leading suppliers which ensures that the chairs you choose aren’t only visually appealing, but of optimum standards and quality. A range of our sit-stand posture stools are incorporated with height adjustable gas lift. These stools are highly mobile and ideal for those that would like to move around when working. These ergonomically designed stools help strengthen core muscles, reduce strain on knees while helping improve circulation.

We offer an array of cheap stackable canteen stools in our collection. When it comes to your office canteen, stools are a great choice as they help to save space. All of our canteen stools are easy to wipe clean and made to withstand fast-paced environments. The stools are versatile and are suitable for both small and large canteens. The canteen stools boast a highly resilient frame and are easy to stack and transport if you want to take them outside on a hot summers day. A wide variety of our stackable canteen stools are offered in a large range of colours. From bright fabrics to mesh and plastic (purple, blue, red, green etc.) we have a huge range to choose from, allowing you to select the right chair to suit your preference. A selection of our chairs come with a warranty which means it is guaranteed in terms of performance and quality for that time period.

Our E-commerce catalogue offers stools for various different environments. For example, the saddle stools in our collection are ideal for use in warehouses, production lines and laboratories. These chairs offer a gas height adjustment mechanism for ease of movement and are easy to clean for less hassle. The sit-stand stools and kneeling stools on offer are ideal for businesses with a more laid-back design. The high translucent stools in our catalogue are highly suitable for bars and breakout areas. The stools boast a stylish and comfortable finish making it the perfect addition to any funky and cool bar. A selection of our stools could even be the perfection addition to barber shops because with its height adjustment mechanism at hand, it is easily manoeuvrable.