Meeting Room Chairs

First impressions are crucial when it comes to holding a meeting with clients or colleagues. It is important to make a good statement when meeting a client for the first time. Your boardroom furniture should be of high-quality standards, especially your meeting room chairs because your clients will more than likely be sitting on this and so it should offer the highest level of comfort and support to make the best impression as possible.

Radius Office Furniture offers an array of visitor chairs with modern and stylish designs to complement your office. Our selection of conference chairs comes in a wide variety of upholstering’s to suit your preference. You are spoiled with the choices of mesh back finishing’s, fabric seating in evert, leather or faux leather in either black or tanned colours. The fabric textile is offered in many colours from vibrant red, orange or green to more relaxed colours like black, grey or brown to match your office style. Furthermore, you have a choice of picking a conference chair with built-in armrests or no armrests to suit your preference. The office meeting chair frames come in a variety of choices, from wooden finish to chrome detailing either in black or silver. Our stackable chairs are perfect for offices who are looking to make the most out of their meeting room space. The stackable feature allows for the chairs to be piled on top of each other neatly, making it highly convenient for saving space and storage purposes.

Our online mega furniture store also offers a collection of ergonomically designed boardroom chairs which offers the highest level of comfort and support for the user whilst boasting a modern and stylish design. Ergonomic chairs not only ensure the highest level of comfort for the user, it also has been proven to boost productivity and efficiency. Ergonomic features in the chair include adjustable armrests with soft padded arms for extensive support and comfort. An extremely important feature in our ergonomic conference chair range is the lumbar support. Proven to help those who suffer from back related problems, this feature ensures the user is properly supported whilst working and provide additional contouring around the lower back area.