Mesh Chairs

Office Chair with Mesh texture

Mesh office chairs can enhance a more modern and stylish look in an office space. Radius Office Furniture offers multiple selections of footstools, meeting room chairs, stackable chairs and ergonomic task chairs all incorporated with a mesh material design. The ventilated net design has become immensely popular over the last number of years for office seating choices.

An office chair is arguably one of the most used pieces of furniture in an office, so why not invest in a chair that offers high levels of comfort and support? The increasingly popular chairs offer a number of benefits and features. The mesh back office chairs moulds and contours perfectly along the users back because there is no thick padding, providing extensive support as well as high levels of comfort. Furthermore, the breathable net back material is excellent in keeping perspiration levels down ensuring the user stays cool and dry during long periods of time sitting down. This is a distinct advantage over leather/ faux leather chairs and fabric chairs as they tend to restrict airflow causing high levels of discomfort if used for long periods of time. Furthermore, the mesh upholstery is easy to clean and is more durable as its tightly woven material is less likely to rip & tear because there is no padding.

We also offer a broad range of ergonomic chairs with mesh back support from brands such as Profim and Influx. Along with the mesh material benefits, it also boasts ergonomic features further providing the best support and comfort throughout the working day. Many of our ergonomically designed chairs with a netted back design features seat slide mechanism, tension adjustment tilt lock mechanism, adjustable armrests, seat height adjustment and adjustable lumbar support for extensive support during prolonged usage. The seats itself can come with deeply contoured seat foams for maximum comfort. A selection of our ergonomic mesh chairs also come with chrome finishing’s, complementing the modern and stylish look the breathable material offers. The chairs are also tested for up to eight hours of usage, guaranteeing its comfort and durability.