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Task chairs are an essential part of furniture in any type of office, whether it be a corporate office or a home office. It is an essential piece of furniture that is used by employees for hours on end. It is of importance when designing an office space to take into account the level of comfort and support offered to the employees as well as the design and style to complement the office décor. Here at Radius Office Furniture, we offer high quality and durable task office chairs or operator chairs designed with a variety of options to choose from to suit your specific needs. Choices available ranging from heavy duty office chairs to ergonomic operator chairs, computer chairs and desk chairs to help provide the perfect level of lumbar support and comfort for your employees while working throughout the day.

We offer classic designs to more modern and stylish designs to perfectly suit your preference. A variety of operator chairs on offer can be customised by colour preference and feature preference, guaranteeing the perfect office chair to suit your personal needs and style.The design is an important aspect when it comes to choosing the perfect task chair to suit your office décor. Choosing the right design of desk chairs to complement the style of your office has never been easier.

Our wide range of office task chairs comes in numerous designs to suit your specific need and style. We offer task chairs in a wide range of colour finishes ranging from standard colours such as black, white, grey or vibrant coloured purple office chairs, green office chairs and many more. These are also offered in a selection of different material variations such as mesh, fabric, leather and Eco- leather task chairs and with black or chrome metal finishes to perfectly complement the design of your office. Mesh operator chairs are becoming the most popular option for an office seating. The mesh material used in our mesh chairs creates a more modern, stylish look whilst the flexibility of the material offers a comfortable support as it naturally moulds to fit the shape of the user. The breathable mesh back material also helps reduce perspiration levels which highly benefits users who spend long amounts of time sitting down. To further ensure the highest quality of comfort levels for the user, our range of desk chairs are fitted with upholstered and deep foam material providing the best possible type of cushion for the user. Whether you are just looking for a simple entry level task chair or a swivel chair boasting a more appealing ergonomic design, we have the perfect range of office chairs for you to choose from.

More about our range of Operator Chairs

Over the last number of years, it has become increasingly evident that providing the right working environment for employees should be a high priority for companies. Our wide range of ergonomic operator chairs is the perfect addition to any office that is looking to provide the best working conditions for its employees. Ergonomic friendly furniture has been proven to increase efficiency, productivity and reduce levels of discomfort and stress as well as preventing injuries in the workplace. Not only does our ergonomic chairs provide extensive lumbar support to prevent back pain, it is also suitable for up to 8 hours of usage. Furthermore, many of our ergonomic chairs boast high-end quality features designed to add comfort and support such as synchro torsion mechanism which enables its users to have full control of the office desk chairs by allowing them to move whichever way they please and maintain an optimum angle of the backrest.

For excellent body support, our range of desk chairs offer a height adjustment feature, tension adjustment feature and lumbar support feature. These features focus on providing high back and mid back support to help immensely decrease back pain and back related injuries. The lumbar support feature greatly benefits those who suffer from back related problems. Lumbar support ensures the user is fully supported whilst working providing additional contouring around the lower back. The office operator chairs available also offer various levels of armrest support. Variations of office chairs offered are with no armrests, with fixed armrest or with adjustable armrests. A headrest support feature is also offered alongside our range of desk chairs. This feature ensures a fully supported neck and back whilst adding a more professional, executive office look for the workplace.

Monitor Arm Desk Mount in White and Silver
Dual Monitor Desk Mount in Silver
Monitor Arms with Three Screens

When it comes to prices, we understand that a budget may be in place. Whether you are looking for normal office chairs for desks, computer chairs or chairs for conference rooms, we offer a wide variety of price range and types for you to choose from. We aim to provide for your specific needs as best as possible by offering a number of cheap and affordable operator chair options both new and used while still guaranteeing a high quality, comfort and durable office chair we strive to provide. A number of our operator chairs offer a warranty policy which guarantees a high standard of performance and quality for that time period. The office chairs offered on our e-commerce range are directly sourced from some of Europe’s finest suppliers, including Trexus, Humanscale, Leap, Ergotron, Herman Miller, Oplan, Sonix, Profim and Steelcase. This means that not only are you guaranteed to get a high quality, durable operator chair with the highest quality of support for an affordable price; you’ll also be getting a chair that is built to last.

We offer delivery and installation across North America, including the United States and Canada. We deliver to all 52 states – including New York, Massachusetts also Southern states such as Texas and Florida. Central states like Michigan, Illinois and lastly Western states like California and Washington.

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