Bench / Modular Desking Systems

Modular 3-person desk in beech

Modular office furniture is the ideal solution when it comes to maximising your workspace. Designed to seat several members without wasting floor-space, modular desks create a pleasant, collaborative working environment. With our extensive range of high-quality bench desks, you can select the ideal finish, size and style for your workplace.

Our desks come in different finishes, from wood to white, black or grey. Our most popular wooden finishes include oak, cedar, beech and cherry. You have plenty of options to create a desk that fits your office design. Furthermore, you can customise your desk with modesty panels, desk screens. Or if you want an organised desk, CPU holders, portals, cable baskets or cable spines. Add adjustable monitor arms and enjoy the benefits they have on your health and posture.

At Radius Office Furniture, our modular office desk systems are varied and versatile. You can opt for a double benching system or for more sizeable clusters. Our desks go beyond the straight desk design and come in circular, wave or radial designs as well. You can opt for a circular benching system that fits 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10-person desks, or choose a simple straight desk design with add-on units that can be used in an infinite number of combinations. No matter your vision, we can offer options that best suit your needs!