Straight Desks

Top Image White Desk with Cantilever legs

An office desk is a central piece of furniture in your office design so you need to make sure you choose the best quality. At Radius Office Furniture we supply straight desks with impact-resistant edges, made of durable materials like metal or wood. Most of our desks are customizable. You can select and combine from up to 16-panel colours and 4 metal paint colours. The desks have 4 types of legs: cantilever, panel, closed leg and A leg. They also come with inbuilt or add-on modesty panels and desk screens. Perfectly adaptable to any sort of space or need!

Straight desks are a classic office furniture option that will never go out of fashion. Opt for our contemporary straight office desks sourced from some of Europe’s leading office furniture manufacturers! Our office equipment suppliers are some of the most well-known names in Europe, such as Herman Miller, Adroit, Steelcase, Ashford, Quando, Trexus, Sonix, Oplan, Buronomic and Ergotron. These brands are well-known for products that are durable and aesthetically appealing. We offer a wide range of office furniture online, including home office desks, modern executive desks and back to back benches.

Do you want to keep your office organised? Our cable management systems include cable baskets, cable spines, portholes and grommets. Upgrade your office desk by adding monitor arms, CPU holders, power modules or sit-stand desk mounts. All our office accessories are affordable, practical and aesthetically pleasing! Whether you want to create an urban office or you’re looking for modern home office furniture for a small space, we have the right desk setup for you! From individual workstations to back to back benches, our desks fit most types of spaces. With additions like modesty panels, desk screens and desk accessories, you can customize your modern workspace furniture! Our straight desks fit every budget. From used to high-end executive desks made of wood, we guaranty the quality of our products regardless of the price. At Radius Office furniture we believe in making durable furniture affordable. All our products are scratch-resistant, with thick, sturdy worktops and high-quality components.