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The importance of having an ergonomically friendly workstation has become highly evident over the last number of years. Ergonomic furniture brings plenty of benefits in the workplace that can affect your employees and your business in a positive way. Ergonomic furniture has been proven to reduce the risk of many injuries that can occur in the office and it can also exceedingly improve employee efficiency and productivity with its innovative designs. This can greatly benefit companies as fewer injuries means less compensation, saving your business money and an increase in productivity leads to better overall business performance.

Our office ergonomic range offers many products in its collection to help you create the best possible workstation in your workplace. We have adjustable desks with options of electric height-adjustable desks, manually expandable desk frames, adjustable corner desks, back to back and single workstations and executive electric sit-stand desks. For an alternative option, we have sit-stand ergonomic desk mounts which can be placed onto your existing office table with little hassle.

A large selection of ergonomic chairs is also available in a broad range of styles and designs. Choose from executive ergonomic seating for formal office spaces or opt for more relaxed designs like kneeling chairs and movement chairs which are perfect for more relaxed settings like breakout areas. The posture chairs come in different material variations, colour and designs to suit your needs.

We have many variations of ergonomic monitor arms in our online catalogue. We stock a variety of different styles including single office monitor desk stands, dual monitor arms, triple or quad monitor arms, specialist mounts for tablet devices and monitor arms that are suitable for laptops & tablets. The different sizes on offer is to meet the needs of workers whose job requires them to switch between different programs throughout the working day.

More about our range of Office Ergonomics

Working in an office generally means you are sitting down for most of the day but sitting for long periods of time can affect your health in a negative way as it can cause back pains and metabolic problems. This is where our range of electric height adjustable desks and sit-stand desk mounts can help you. The desk gives you an alternative option if you wish to move from the sedentary position of sitting down all day. The standing desks help you to exercise and strengthen your back muscles helping to prevent those aches and pains. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, then the right choice for you is our range of manual height adjustable desk mounts. These standing table mounts can be directly placed onto your existing office table and standing desk converters can come assembled, greatly limiting the amount of hassle for you.

White Leap Sit-stand Desk in Warehosue with Chesterfield
Dual Monitor Desk Mount in Silver
Back App in an Office

It is important to ensure that the back and other body parts are supported properly throughout the long working day. The perfect solution to ensure you are protected is incorporating ergonomically designed seating in your office. We offer many ergonomic chairs in our collection that has beneficial ergonomic features such as adjustable armrests, seat & height adjustment, tension adjustment, headrest support and lumbar support features. To further maximise comfort, many of the ergonomic desk chairs and kneeling chairs are fitted with deep contoured foam cushions.

Computer screen arms help reduce the risk of neck injuries as well as eye strains. Our ergonomically designed monitor mounts are very versatile and allow for various adjustments to suit your most comfortable position so you won’t have to suffer from unnecessary neck aches and eye strains. Our range of desk mounts will allow you to adjust the height, depth and angle of screens. Another advantage is that the computer stands are very easy to install on your office desk and the monitor arms also have great cable management capabilities. Our range of office ergonomic furniture come with a time warranty. This means that the products quality and functionality is guaranteed for that period of time. The ergonomic products have all been tested to ensure its high quality is fit for home and office use.

We offer delivery and installation across North America, including the United States and Canada. We deliver to all 52 states – including New York, Massachusetts also Southern states such as Texas and Florida. Central states like Michigan, Illinois and lastly Western states like California and Washington.

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