Adjustable Desks

White Sit-Stand Leap Desk with Magnetic Cable Spine

Adjustable office desks are tailor-made to improve your health and posture. Radius Office Furniture has a wide range of height-adjustable desks. Our products include electric height-adjustable desks, manually expandable desk frames, adjustable corner desks, back to back and single workstations and executive electric sit-stand desks. Choose the finish, size and style that suits you, from our extensive online range.

We offer metallic or wooden finishes like white, black, beech, maple, or oak. The desks accommodate desktops with a width ranging from 1200mm to 1800mm. They come with included or additional cable portals and cable storage features. You can adjust their height mechanically, through a memory system or a simple two-button control unit. Adjustable desks combine the latest technology with a modern design. They are easy to use and great for your health.

All our office desks come from reputable suppliers such as Ergotron, Ergomaster, Leap, Alto, Buronomic and Balma. This means that you’re investing in high-quality furniture. Additionally, each adjustable office desk comes in a range of finishes. All you need to do is select a desk to suit your personal tastes and style. Choose a more traditional look with a wooden finish, such as beech, oak, chestnut or birch. Alternatively, select a contemporary modern feel with white, black or light grey.