Desk Screens

At Radius Office Furniture we offer desk screens in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit the needs of your business. While working in an open space has its perks, sometimes employees need some quiet and privacy for their work. We offer desk dividers that provide a sense of privacy and personal space in the workplace without isolation. Our wide range of products offers creative office partitions for an open -space office, enabling your employees to create a personalised space and focus on their work,

Radius Office Furniture has a wide range of high-quality desk screens, including straight and curved office screens, mounted acrylic screens and acoustic panels in different colours and designs. You can now create a modern office space without compromising on style! Do you want to create a versatile space? Our free standing screens are efficient and easy to move! Do your employees need a space where they can stay focused? Then soundproof screens are the best option for you! Why not go the extra mile and add a range of desk mounted screen accessories for practical storage and a neat workspace? If you’re not sure, give us a call for a consultation service to help you find the office partition that complements your office design!