Bookcase Office furniture

Bookcases are for more than just books these days. Whether you are looking to purchase bookshelves for home or office use, they are an excellent, practical and convenient solution for storage helping to reduce the clutter lying around your space. Book shelving can have many uses around the office. As well as books, you can use solid wood bookcases for storing files, folders, magazines and things you may want to display. The open design offered can be very handy for accessibility purposes. For more personal use at home, bookcases are useful for storing CD’S, DVD’S and displaying picture frames and other household items. All our wooden bookcases are manufactured using the highest quality materials and come from some of the finest suppliers in Europe. Sourcing our furniture from these suppliers helps us guarantee you the best quality and design book storage unit within your price budget.

Radius Office Furniture offers a diverse selection of stylish and durable book shelving designs to fit in perfectly to almost any space. Our wooden bookcase models are available in various heights. You have a choice of desk high or in a 2-level, 3-level, 4-level 5-level and 6-level high to accommodate for the amount of storage space you may need. The wood finishes used are offered in a diverse selection from oak bookshelves, walnut, beech, chestnut and cherry, just to name a few. There are also some white shelving unit, grey and graphite storage colours on offer to suit your office design. A selection of our solid wood bookcases are offered with adjustable shelving options and lockable bookshelves with doors. Some storage units are fitted with glass frosted sliding doors for a sleek and more luxurious look. Furthermore, an array of our levelled bookcases is offered with built in cupboards and are part-open for ease of access. Floor levellers are available with our range of bookcases. These are ideal for workspaces with uneven flooring, enabling you to position your wooden bookshelves wherever you please without worrying about the possibility of the risk of wobbling and losing its balance. The floor levellers are there so help create a perfectly flat positioning for your storage unit.