Ceiling Lighting

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With the ever-fluid workspace, the need for good quality, glare-free lighting has become more valuable than ever. Investing in efficient lighting not only adds to the appearance of a space but also is great for the environment and especially for employees that are involved in computer-related tasks. Radius Office Furniture provides modern office lighting options from suppliers that have been in this industry for decades. Our suppliers use cutting-edge technology to create lighting effects that can help create a bright and calm atmosphere. These lights can be used in a variety of spaces like meeting rooms, breakout areas, reception areas as well as home offices. The design of the lights we offer are original and fit any space gracefully. These lights come in unique eye-catching shapes and are sure to match the ambience of your company. Our items are available in an elite high-gloss white so it can enhance a modern workspace or amp up even a simple workspace. The high gloss finish of these lights not only makes your interiors look more professional but is also light-reflecting and easy to clean.

Office lighting does not have to be banal. We offer you versatile and classic lights in different shapes and forms. To name a few, ellipse, oval, bent and the classic lampshade are our best-selling options. They can be used for small and big office spaces, guiding the eye of the visitor to significant areas. The ideal size and weight of these lights make it easy to blend into offices and homes alike. You have the option of the type of light source with either LED or a classic E27 thread. Additionally, these lights can be suspended from the ceiling or can be fixed to walls directly. These lights can add that extra touch of sophistication to any space and present you with a space that is bright, lively and inspiring. Switch to these lights today to instantly amplify the overall look of your room.