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Nowadays health and well-being at work are essential. Spending more than 7 hours in a noisy workspace can be stressful for workers, a well-balanced room with a perfect acoustic level is a key factor in the improved performance and well-being of employees. Acoustics is the driving force of BuzziSpace. It is where their story started, and today is a part of their legacy. They strive to reduce excess noise in the workspace and find solutions for acoustic problems within offices with their products. Allowing your employees to enjoy a space where they can work alone, exchange and discuss ideas or solve problems privately during a meeting, receive a confidential phone-call and even take a break by resting in a calm and quiet atmosphere.

Since 2007, BuzziSpace has crafted durable and high quality original acoustic solutions, lighting and furnishing for happier and healthier workplaces. Their furniture, acoustic and lighting solutions can accommodate your needs to create well-balanced spaces, making professionals feel comfortable and at home in work. Be creative and choose the colours and fabrics which correspond best to your professional style with their customisable colour and fabric options to create truly original pieces unique to your business.