Green Mood Store


Green Mood is a young Belgian company founded in 2014 that introduces a new, revolutionary plant design concept. They offer fully preserved natural plant products that combine aesthetics with high-level acoustic absorbance. While travelling around the world, the Green Mood team discovered the beauties and virtues of preserved plants and has since then inspired them to incorporate plant materials with everyday objects, such as frames, room dividers, tables etc. and thus give them a touch of green lifestyle. Green Mood products can only be used indoors and must be provided with an environment that has a minimum relative humidity of about 30%. It dries when air humidity falls below 30% and become soft again when the humidity rises above 30%. However, they do not need much maintenance as there is no need for a constant source of light or water. Through a unique stabilization process, they design and craft custom frames, green walls and various other objects incorporating preserved plants. These creations are not only beautiful, but they also promote wellbeing, reduce stress and even boost productivity.