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MuteDesign use only the finest materials to create their brand of office acoustic solutions. This leading Polish company combines cutting edge contemporary designs, machine precision and expert handcraft finishes to provide high quality and stylish noise reducing products.

Their motto is ‘the art of silence’ and taking a look through the range of MuteDesign products sold by Radius Office you can see the slick and modern designed sound reducing panels available from our website. Various shapes and styles are available meaning that you can create your own unique wall design so that these acoustic solutions can be adapted to make sure a quieter and more private atmosphere can be created in any workplace.

Not only do MuteDesign create amazing noise cancelling acoustic wall panels, they also provide a range of freestanding acoustic screens in various styles as well as products that reduce noise reverberation which hang from the ceiling so that you have several choices of expertly made acoustic solutions that can fit in with your office design.