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MuteDesign use only the finest materials to create their brand of office acoustic solutions. This leading Polish company combines cutting edge contemporary designs, machine precision and expert handcraft finishes to provide high quality and stylish noise reducing products.

Their motto is ‘the art of silence’ and taking a look through the range of MuteDesign products sold by Radius Office you can see the slick and modern designed sound reducing panels available from our website. Various shapes and styles are available meaning that you can create your own unique wall design so that these acoustic solutions can be adapted to make sure a quieter and more private atmosphere can be created in any workplace.

Not only do MuteDesign create amazing noise cancelling acoustic wall panels, they also provide a range of freestanding acoustic screens in various styles as well as products that reduce noise reverberation which hang from the ceiling so that you have several choices of expertly made acoustic solutions that can fit in with your office design.

More about MuteDesign Products

Noise Distraction

As technology has developed the modern office space has been affected. While sound has always been a factor in offices, now more than ever, it’s become a distraction and a problem. There are more and more sounds, beeps and rings in the modern office, coupled with the usual noise of conversations yet a lot of office design does not facilitate reducing these distractions or reducing noise. MuteDesign believes a balanced acoustic environment can boost productivity, creativity and wellbeing at work.

Monitor Arm Desk Mount in White and Silver
Dual Monitor Desk Mount in Silver
Monitor Arms with Three Screens

Privacy and Quiet

These acoustic solutions are very popular in offices and meeting rooms and have lots of other applications from auditoriums, sports halls, lobbies, reception areas, breakout space etc. They provide increased privacy and confidentiality in the areas where these noise reducing products are being used. It will be much harder to hear voices across or outside a room with acoustic panels in use therefore providing increased peace of mind. These sound reducing materials help lower noise volumes which will help to reduce stress that may be caused by extra sounds in a workspace.

Acoustic Solutions and Stylish Interior

Acoustic solutions can contribute to a stylish office interior. There are major benefits to the noise cancelling abilities of these products but at the same time you want to make sure that they fit in correctly with your office aesthetic. Acoustic wall panels are one great way of doing this. These come in various shapes styles and colours so that you can create your own unique wall design that fits in with your office design. Another great example of these noise reduction products is hanging acoustic panels. These hang from the ceiling and, not only are these an excellent way of improving the acoustic environment in your workplace, they also add a really cool design feature to your office with a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. While it is important to try and create a more private and quiet workplace it’s also important to couple this goal with keeping your office looking modern and stylish, and it will, with these cutting edge acoustic solutions.

Computer Screen Desk Monitor Arm
Quadruple Monitor Arms
Monitor Arms with Six Screens

Tested and Certified

You should always make sure that the acoustic solutions you purchase can do what they claim to do. MuteDesign products have been tested by the Ship Design and Research Centre in Poland and they have been certified as some of the most efficient products in absorbing, blocking or diffusing unwanted noise. MuteDesign also ensure that the excellent performance of their products goes hand in hand with style as not only do they work with acoustic experts, they also work with well-respected designers and architects to provide excellent products with stylish finishes.

We offer delivery and installation across North America, including the United States and Canada. We deliver to all 52 states – including New York, Massachusetts also Southern states such as Texas and Florida. Central states like Michigan, Illinois and lastly Western states like California and Washington.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of MuteDesign Products or discuss your requirements, simply request a callback.

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