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We spend 84% of our time in indoor spaces every day – reason enough to make them beautiful and pleasant. At StyleGreen, they have made it their mission to make interior spaces greener and bring nature to houses. Because green walls improve the feeling of space, reduce the noise level and create a natural, pleasant ambience. According to their team, vertical gardening with living plants is not a good option as it entails a relatively high level of maintenance with subsequent costs and does not work in the long run. Instead, they rely on natural materials that have been carefully farmed and harvested by hand and made naturally sustainable using glycerin and food colouring. Or to put it briefly: Natural green with no care.

Since 2012, they have been producing vertical wall greenery from genuine, naturally preserved plants and mosses. Everything is manufactured by hand in a small manufactory just outside of Munich and in Porto, Portugal, and then sold internationally. In their work, they place great value on high quality, fair payment in the value chain, sustainable products as well as passion and attention to detail.