Bachmann Consolidation Point

Bachmann Consolidation Point

by Bachmann


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  • Robust steel plate mounting for CPs
  • Mountings with secure, tool-free clip-in and release mechanism
  • Anchors firmly on the floor with integrated screw-on brackets
  • Mountings with extra step protection of approx. 200 kg incl. CP unit
  • Raised position of CP units for greater protection in case of minor ingress of water

  • Power CP is fully wired and electrically tested at the factory
  • Power connections with connector systems by Wieland (Gesis GST) ; Wago (Winsta) versions available on request
  • Other connector systems can be integrated if required
  • Time-optimised on-site installation
  • Future-proof thanks to flexible structure

  • CP data – flexible and modular based on custom modules
  • Various manufacturers’ systems can be integrated
  • Easy to install and future-proof thanks to modular structure
  • Should a change be necessary, only the data connector unit is changed
  • Mounting and unit remain unchanged
  • Additional strain relief for data connection can be provided with cable ties
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Bachmann’s new system for under-floor distribution and installation, based on the MUTO (multi-user terminal outlet) concept, offers a coherent and simple installation solution that brings power and data to the desktop.

The consolidation points for power and data are linked to the floor distributor in the conventional way. Floor outlets and desktop power strips from the Bachmann facility range complete the installation kit. After the consolidation point, the floor outlet allows power and data to be conveyed with ease to the workstation. This dispenses with complicated and inflexible installations such as traditional floor box systems.

Thanks to the “open-office cabling”, CP and MUTO concepts, the network installation is flexible, future-proof and at the same time cost-optimised. The combination of power and data connections can be found in various Bachmann Facility systems. They thus offer a user-focused unit providing all necessary connections.

In the complete Bachmann catalogue you can also find various desktop power strips for mounting on top of or fitting into office workstation desks. All versions can be configured as required and supplied ready for use.


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