Bachmann Conference

Bachmann Conference

by Bachmann


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  • Integrated into your desk or table top
  • Simply press with your thumb to open
  • Flap can be closed with cables connected
  • For both surface mounting (e.g. if retrofitting) and flush mounting
  • Can be fitted flush with the tabletop
  • Suitable for veneer finishing
  • Configuration can be freely selected
  • Complete power strip can be quickly interchanged
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Ideal for conference and training desks, tables and high-grade workstations alike, CONFERENCE is a truly refined and discreet solution for individual access to power and data connections.

When not in use, CONFERENCE is hidden in the top of the desk or table. When you need power or data, simply press with your thumb to release the magnetic catch. The opening flap then swings up. Once you have connected your notebook, projector, microphone, etc. you can close the flap again. The narrow closing flap opposite this adapts to the inserted cables – nothing is squashed and the desk or table stays looking as elegant as before.

CONFERENCE built-in frames are available both for surface mounting (e.g. if retrofitting) and for flush mounting in the tops of desks and tables. When installed under a desk or table, the opening and closing flaps are flush with the tabletop or desktop. As we can supply flaps on request in almost any coating and even ready for veneer finishing, CONFERENCE is able to meet the most stringent of requirements in terms of elegant looks and harmonious design.

Select exactly which configuration of CONFERENCE data connections suits your particular requirements. Power strips can also be interchanged quickly and at any time, without the need for tools. Maximum functionality and top-end design can therefore be adapted to advances in communication technology for many years to come.


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