Organic Reception Desks

Organic Reception Desks


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  • Multiple colour LED options
  • Multiple colours and designs available
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While creating Organic we listened to the best architect – nature itself.
Organic, cubic form filled with organic shapes, takes its design straight from nature to provide a bit of relaxation in today’s stressful world.

The irregular design of the reception desk stimulates the imagination. The spider
web with reflecting sunlight, or perhaps cells of a living organism? The natural
design is emphasised by backlighting system of fluorescent light. The final impression is completed by the glass top that gives the reception splendour and nobility.

The modular system allows you to create the reception desk corresponding to your own needs.
The stylish design can decorate all the whole front of the counter or it can protrude on the left or right side. White makes the reception desk look fresh and gives plenty of options to arrange the place allowing individual ideas: white goes well with every other colour.


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