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Adjustable office desks are tailor-made to improve your health and posture. Radius Office Furniture has a wide range of height-adjustable desks. Our products include electric height-adjustable desks, manually expandable desk frames, adjustable corner desks, back-to-back, single workstations, and executive electric sit-stand desks. Choose the finish, size, and style that suits you, from our extensive online range. We offer metallic or wooden finishes like white, black, beech, maple, or oak. The desks accommodate desktops with a width ranging from 1200mm to 1800mm. They come with included or additional cable portals and cable storage features. You can adjust their height mechanically, through a memory system or a simple two-button control unit. Adjustable desks combine the latest technology with a modern design. They are easy to use and great for your health. All our office desks come from reputable suppliers such as Ergotron, Ergomaster, Leap, Alto, Buronomic, and Balma. This means that you're investing in high-quality furniture. Additionally, each adjustable office desk comes in a range of finishes. All you need to do is select a desk to suit your tastes and style. Choose a more traditional look with a wooden finish, such as beech, oak, chestnut, or birch. Alternatively, select a contemporary modern feel with white, black, or light grey.~!Working all day in the office can affect your posture and your overall health. Height-adjustable office desks help you achieve a better posture and better health. Many office desks are rigid, which can hurt your posture. Our range of adjustable standing desks and workstations can be used for both sitting and standing. These ergonomic height-adjustable desks enable you to set your tabletop at the exact height that works for you, with maximum comfort and flexibility. Providing your staff with adjustable tables also ensures their health and wellbeing are taken care of in the workplace. Adjustable desks reduce the strains that a stationary office job puts on your spine. In the long term, alternating between sitting and standing when working at a desk reduces the risks of health conditions associated with sitting down too long. When using a sit-stand desk you should alternate sitting and standing every 30 minutes. Besides inserting light exercise into your daily routine, this practice protects your spine from strain and pain. Our range of adjustable desks combines modern technology with a versatile design. The desks adjust to your desired height through a two-button system. You can also purchase a desk with a memory master control unit or an anti-trap technology. These desks stop and retract when encountering any obstruction. Their simple design makes them easily adaptable to any office aesthetic. If you are furnishing a sizeable office and want a desk with a stylish finish, try our sit-stand executive desks. They come in the classic rectangular design of traditional office desks, but with the incorporated modern technology of adjustable workstations. If you need a desk with considerable storage space, you can opt for adjustable height computer desks or manually expandable desk frames. They offer a sizeable surface that fits a desktop within the size range of 1200 and 1800mm. We also offer laptop carts for a smaller, more mobile alternative. They're perfect if you want to move them to different parts of the office for spontaneous collaboration sessions or meetings. Keep your office tidy and organized by opting for an adjustable desk with included portholes or choose from our additional cable management systems, like cable spines, cable baskets, and power modules. We deliver our height-adjustable desks to your premises in Ireland. We have a wide range of office desks with adjustable heights to suit your specific requirements. Whether you have a tight budget, or you're looking for an office desk that makes a statement about your growing enterprise, we have the right office desk for you. We offer delivery and installation across North America, including the United States and Canada. We deliver to all 52 states - including New York, Massachusetts also Southern states such as Texas and Florida. Central states like Michigan, Illinois, and lastly Western states like California and Washington.

Sit-Stand and Adjustable Desks

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