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Open Meeting Pods are a way to provide meeting spaces for all companies, universities, and organizations to use. Their modular nature makes them very versatile and they can be used as an analytics center, a co-working space, or a strategy room. The pods can be customized to the needs of the individual entity and open up opportunities for collaboration across organizations by solving a major downside of collaboration: time. A variety of tools at hand means that turnaround times are reduced and the best ideas have a higher chance of being put into play. Inspire out-of-the-box thinking with a social space that opens up the meeting room to a world of possibilities. The meeting room becomes an important part of any business's culture when it's not just about sitting in rows, listening to presentations, and saying "thank you" when it's over. With our social space, you can brainstorm new ideas, find creative partners, and share insights with like-minded thinkers. Our open meeting room provides the perfect space for productive, impromptu discussions. People from all departments can take a few minutes to come together and discuss important topics, which in turn helps us to maintain a healthy sense of team spirit.~!Meeting pods have become all the rage in the modern office, because of all of the benefits that they offer. They are popular for their futuristic design, which will create a more desirable environment for employees. Meeting pods can also be used as an interactive space for brainstorming sessions and team meetings. Their limited size provides an intimate setting that helps promote collaboration and creativity among colleagues. Indeed, it is not uncommon for these pods to come in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes. More often than not, these Pods are highly customizable to the user’s preference. They also have a variety of features, including casters for mobility, desks/tables, power, and lighting. We offer delivery and installation across North America, including the United States and Canada. We deliver to all 52 states - including New York, Massachusetts also Southern states such as Texas and Florida. Central states like Michigan, Illinois, and lastly Western states like California and Washington.

Open Meeting Pods

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